Mar 1, 2016

Thinking of The Garden

It’s March! The crocus are blooming, the days are growing longer and warmer, I have spring on my mind. (And for anyone in the NJ area, yes I am ignoring the forecasted cold front and snow for later this week/weekend and instead focusing on the warm weather we’ve had the past few days). With thoughts of spring comes the urge to get outside and play around in the garden and the dirt. I want to order plants, bulbs and seeds from all the beautiful seed catalogs that are piling up on our coffee table. Isn’t it time to plan our summer garden?

The reality is of course that I’m in my third trimester now, bending over and digging in the garden is not exactly as fun or relaxing (or painless) as I imagine it to be. This year I have to cut myself some slack when it comes to garden beds, flowers and the maintenance that goes into yard upkeep. I’ll be a full 9 months pregnant in May and then Mike and I will be wrangling a newborn and a preschooler all summer. I have to let go this year instead of adding to it.

This year…
… our flower beds will not get mulched.
… all of our garden beds will be full of weeds.
… our pebble pathways will be full of weeds.
… I will not do any potted flowers or veggies.
… if I do try to plant any pots they will probably dry out and die of neglect.
… our shrubs will grow to look shaggy and unruly and desperately need a trim.
… our lawn might not get mowed as often as it needs it.
… our raised bed garden will only be partially planted (with a few favorites and easy things).
… our raised bed garden will have weeds.
… I might forget to water sometimes and things might die because of it.
... our backyard will constantly be littered with plastic toys I keep meaning to pick up.

All of this is going to be okay.

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