Oct 25, 2016

Ready for Halloween!

Our house is decorated for Halloween! Oliver is so excited about the holiday this year and his enthusiasm is contagious. Each year we try to add a few things into the mix, Oliver wants our house to be so scary that people run away.

This year our porch has a new giant spider web on it. I love it - it's the perfect size to cover the front of the porch and is made of this shimmery material that catches sunlight or the porch light at night. On the web we have a big black spider and a bunch of oversized flies and bugs. We also have bats hanging down and two new rats crawling on the rails.

We have our mini graveyard from last year that's haunted by a ghoul and a bat.

The front door says Happy Halloween but it's hard to see in the photo (it's easier to see in real life).

The skeleton we got a couple of years ago is now sitting on Oliver's porch chair, covered in bugs and holding a cauldron.

Also new this year is a creepy crow skeleton for our mailbox. We needed something for the mailbox garden area - last year we did that stretchy spiderweb stuff and I regretted it when it came time to take it down (such a mess!). I like the little crow so much better!

We have our usual pumpkin collection too -

At night our house is nice and spooky! (Hunter's moon in our backyard last week)

At night our porch is lit up by an orange bulb in our porch light, a new small strand of orange Halloween lights wrapped on the railing, and the set of flashing skeleton lights we've had for years.

The orange light is REALLY orange (the skeletons are flashing in the picture above), it casts an eerie light on our porch and front yard.

Our neighborhood is REALLY into Halloween, so our house is actually pretty low key compared to some of the others. Next year Oliver wants a 15 foot grim reaper inflatable.

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