Nov 2, 2016

Happy {Belated} Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Superman, Squirt the sea turtle and Bruce the shark (from Finding Nemo)! Matthew was destined to wear Oliver's baby sea turtle costume (when Oliver was a baby we had Hurricane Sandy instead of Halloween), so we "updated" it by making it part of Finding Nemo - he was Squirt the sea turtle, Georgia was Bruce the shark and Nemo was a clown fish bath toy. Oliver of course wanted to be Superman - his all time favorite superhero.

Taking pictures of all 3 of them at once was even more challenging than I imagined. I never got both boys smiling at once. Georgia was such a good sport this year, I swear in all the chaos she was just pleased to be included.

 Here's a better picture of Matthew's sea turtle costume:

And one very awesome Superman:

 It was especially fun this year because Oliver was just SO excited about Halloween and trick-or-treating. He never wanted the night to end and is already asking when the next one will be.

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