Sep 14, 2017

Cape Cod

Our annual family trip to Cape Cod was moved and shortened to accommodate Oliver's new school schedule and kindergarten, but we crammed a lot of great things into a week. Beach time, swimming in the pool, kayaking, hiking, shopping, ice cream, shave ice, fresh seafood. Quality time with our extended family. We stayed in a new location on the other side of town - new places to explore. It was beautiful as always.

The beaches had small cliffs above them, huge dunes and wooded areas to walk through with trails - it was really lovely and scenic.

The beaches didn't have a lot of sea shells. We found a few good ones at low tide in these mud flats, but really the beaches were full of cool rocks.

We found several cool rock specimens to display.  Oliver said he thinks the white ones are diamonds.

 I'm partial to the colorful ones with pink and purple in them.

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