Sep 11, 2017

The Highlight Reel: Best of Spring & Summer

We've had a few crazy weeks around here. The last week in August we were on vacation in Cape Cod (it was wonderful!) and then last week we started several reorganization projects (like the playroom!), unpacked, Oliver started kindergarten, our regular nanny returned, we've juggled crazy work schedules. I have so much to  once I've caught up!

One thing I've been meaning to share are a few highlights from the past few months. Things have been so fine lately, spring and summer were really good to us. The days were long and warm, we spent lots of time outside. Everything all lush and green, the flowers blooming. There's so much to celebrate and enjoy. Our life has continued to be chaotic and a bit challenging (like Georgia's health declining, a pipe bursting in our kitchen, etc.) but it's been so full of happy things too. I love this time of year.

Some of my favorite highlights...

Matthew turned one!

Oliver celebrated his 5th birthday with a Justice League themed triple layer vanilla cake. It wasn't my best cake design but Justice League logos are really hard to do in frosting. At least it tasted good.

The boys had their birthday party at the zoo (it was a massive combined party because I couldn't handle doing two parties a month apart, so we did one big party in between both of theirs). We had a face painter and it was awesome.

We've gone to our favorite NJ beach. We went to Baltimore for a family wedding and took the boys to the National Aquarium. We've gone to the zoo multiple times. We went to the pool at least three times a week. We celebrated the Fourth of July with a parade, sparklers, fireworks and a BBQ. The kids play in our backyard with each other and friends, the swings and sprinklers get heavy use. We go to the playground. We've caught fireflies at dusk. Made s'mores. I putter in the garden almost every day for at least a few minutes. We take walks. Visit friends' pools. The boys take bike rides with the bike trailer.

It's been good.

Catching fireflies

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