Jul 9, 2010

Upstairs Bath Update

It was brought to my attention that I haven't shared many of the updates to the bathroom. This was half unintentional/half me wanting to save most of it for the "big reveal" when it's finished (whenever that is). We're working on it on and off, still battling decades of paint on the window and a long to-do list to finish it off. I'm hoping to make more progress this weekend and really throw ourselves into finishing it once the carpet is in.

So here's a preview - the faucet we chose for the vanity. I am ridiculously in love with it. I love the vintage style and shape, and I really think it blends with the 1920s style of the house. The best part? We got it on overstock.com for the sweet price of $62 on sale with free shipping. We actually got the shower hardware there as well. At first we was a little skeptical about using Overstock instead of Home Depot or a plumbing supply store, but it came highly recommended from someone who lives and breathes DIY. After installation, I'm really happy with quality (*we had the plumber install the sink and vanity too because our plumbing is a little funky up there and there was a sink leak when we had the house inspected - we didn't want that repeated due to foolish self-installation).

Also you can see a peak of the Guilford Green paint we're using in the bathroom. We painted the wall behind the vanity before it was installed to make our lives easier. When the heat wave finally breaks, my master plasterer (my Dad!) will return to finish the walls and then I can prime and paint everything else.

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  1. A&M, I love it! I've read all of your entries, and the attention to detail is truly mesmerizing with everything you're doing to the "little yellow house".

    I look forward to each update! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you guys ever need anything!

    - Artie