Feb 3, 2011

Under the Umbrella

I have a hard time picking artwork because I like too many things and have trouble narrowing things down.  And I've already changed my mind again.  In our master bedroom I originally hung a black and white photo of downtown New York.  It's one of my favorite photographs, taken when I still lived in NYC with real black and white film and everything.  However, as much as I liked the picture, it just wasn't working in our bedroom in that frame in that spot.  We needed something with the right colors - blues and reds and yellows to pull everything in the room together.

Now we're trying this umbrella print, a stock photo of an art installation in Spain.  I manipulated the picture in photoshop to achieve the desired colors and soften it overall.  It looks good in our room, but it's not perfect.  I'll probably change my mind and try something else when the mood strikes me.

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