Feb 7, 2011

Weekend Workout

Our big project this weekend wasn't the guest room.  It wasn't the office.  It wasn't even inside or anything we wanted to be doing.  It was... our driveway.  Since the ice storm on Wednesday, our driveway was a slippery disaster - a giant thick sheet of ice.  Like 80% of the driveways in our area, it was difficult and dangerous for walking and driving.  Since Thursday we've been hacking away at it little by little, except it's been too cold to get far.  It would take an hour of exhausting work just to get a small patch done.  We tried salt, we tried ice melt, but the ice was too thick and the air too cold for it to make a difference.

Finally on Sunday it was warm enough (and by warm I mean sunshine and in the 40s) to finally make some real progress.  It was still several hours of backbreaking work - the ice required massive amounts of force to break apart and it weighed a ton when we scooped it away.  Plus we had a massive ice dam at the end of our driveway that was 6+" thick and the size of our sun room.  It was blocking all the snow melt from reaching the street and drains, creating a nasty muddy lake and all the thawing and refreezing had created a huge frozen beast.  It was pretty horrible.  Yes I'm whining a little bit, but it was really hard!

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