Mar 7, 2011

Office Closet: Finished

Aren't you so tired of hearing about closets?  Well we're tired of working on closets - so it's a good thing we're done!   Over the weekend we finished the office closet.  Once the electrical work was done (new light and switch!) and everything was patched, Mike primed  the walls above the cedar planks and painted it bone white.  I sanded the cedar panels lightly to bring out the smell again that repels moths and bugs (and now it smells like a hamster cage).

When we put the shelves and rods back in (using the shower curtain rod covers I shared yesterday), we hit another snag.  Fixing the cracked and crumbling plaster in here changed the dimensions of the walls and one of the shelves no longer fit!  So we had to wait until the weekend when we could pull the power tools out in daylight and cut down the shelf in the backyard.  Mike shaved off a quarter inch and now it fits perfectly inside.

Of course, until we've redone the guest room and office, this closet is a temporary storage space for massive amounts of office stuff.   When all that's finished I'm really looking forward to having another closet space to store clothes, coats and other off-season gear.  This is a prime space for our winter wool coats with all the cedar.  In the future, I  still want to add a second basic wire shelf above the current wood shelves for more storage space (and less dangerous stacking) in both closets.

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