Jun 6, 2011

Garden Path

We created the gravel path to the garden.  Now we can walk back there without getting our feet wet.  Every time we get a little bit of rain, it becomes a swamp back there.  The stone walkways in the garden itself stay nice and dry and we wanted to carry that back from the driveway to the garden.  Plus I find gently curved pea gravel pathways charming. 

First we cleared away the sod along the side of the garage, cutting out the shape of the pathway with our shovels.  After raking the dirt smooth, we dug a trench for the plastic edging 4” deep.   Once the edging was buried, we re-raked the dirt.  Then we laid down some leftover weed blocking fabric, keeping it secure with ground staples.  Finally we laid down 2 inches of pea gravel, all the way down the pathway.

It’s funny, we thought the pathway would take two days and it only took half a day.  We thought that planting the bushes along the fence would only take a day and it took almost three.  It’s strange the way things work out sometimes - our time estimates are often so far off.

(And yes we still have that weird seashell shaped cement bird bath I found in the bushes a year ago.  It's starting to grow on me...)

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