Jun 7, 2011

Office Ceiling Fan

The summer heat hit and sent us scrambling to do everything we can to cool down the house.  That included putting the ceiling fan in the office.  Mike was back in the attic, doing all the wiring.  Like in the guest room, he installed a double switch so that the fan and the light are controlled independently.  It is much appreciated.

We went with another basic white fan.  It was inexpensive and utilitarian.  And I've said it before - all ceiling fans are ugly unless you spend a least $500 on one, and even then it's only slightly less ugly.  And most of the white ones look almost identical anyways so why bother?  (And it had to be white in our small rooms.)  Maybe someday when the house is in a state of finished perfection and we have nothing else to spend our money on, I'll upgrade the fans to something nicer.  However this works for now and should keep us cool when we work in here.

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