Oct 24, 2011

Pillows from FHRS

I realized I never shared the fate of the extensive pillow collection I purchased at the Far Hills Rummage Sale. After washing everything (even the “dry clean only” silk covers - at that price it was worth the risk and came out fine) I found new homes for everything.

The geometric silk cover went on the living room chair, replacing a khaki tonal striped floor pillow that tends to move around a lot as a cushioned floor seating.

The inserts of the yellow ruffled pillow set were in bad shape so I threw them away, but I didn’t mind because I really only wanted the covers. And the sunshine ruffles fit perfectly over some small throw pillows I had on the guest room couch, so I used those instead. I tried putting the pair in the living room, but they were the wrong yellow for the wallpaper. But in the sun room they looked great - and a nice way to bring more yellow into the room. So I ended up swapping the guest room pillows upstairs with the red and khaki striped ones from the sun room. I think the red and khaki ones also look nice upstairs.

I will probably move these around over time, but for now I put the gray silk rectangle pillows in our bedroom. Pillows make the bed look cozy and like we live in Pottery Barn.

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