Jan 30, 2012

Half Bath Accessories

We’ve been planning this renovation for a long time, so we actually purchased most of the accessories for this room already. Here it is all together:

We bought the paper roll holder and the towel ring when we bought the fixtures for the bathroom upstairs. I ordered the roman shade for the window at the same time as the ones for the sun room. I found the medicine cabinet for a steal ($5!) in perfect condition at the Far Hills Rummage Sale over a year ago. We picked up a glass shelf from Ikea for the upstairs bathroom but it didn’t look right, so we saved it for here. The faucet and the light fixture arrived and coordinate with everything else nicely - I can't wait to see everything put together!


  1. Is that a backdrop, or are you going to paint the walls navy blue? It does look good with all the accessories!

  2. I do like the navy blue with the chrome & white accessories, but I actually have other plans for the paint color... I'll share everything soon!