Jan 31, 2012

Half Bath Electrical

The first step in the half bath renovation was the work behind the walls - the electrical wiring. Since we are installing a drop ceiling in this tiny space, we decided to install a light over the vanity in the wall instead of replacing the overhead light. The space is so small that we only need one light, and when looking in the mirror, it’s better to have your face illuminated instead of the back of your head.

Mike is adding a light switch next to the GFI outlet and running the wires for the light while the wall is open (so much easier to run wires without walls!). The big loop of wire below is the the extra line (and it's not live!) - it will be trimmed and put into the box when the wall goes up, our next step.

Before we install the ceiling (which requires four walls to attach to), Mike is removing the hideous exposed bulb light fixture that’s there now and capping the box, which will still technically be accessible behind the drop tiles if we ever need it.

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