Jan 23, 2012

New Year, New Half Bath

Our next big project is the last untouched room in our house. The room we sometimes pretend is a closet or pantry when new guests come over because we’re so embarrassed by it. The room without all four walls - our half bath. 

A refresher on why it's so bad - first there's a big hole in the ceiling from when we had the upstairs bathtub drain fixed, and now the new drain pipe sticks out. We're missing a sink and an entire wall, and where the walls are still in tact they are in terrible shape. The light is a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling. The window paint is chipped and peeling.

Finally it's time to fix it up. Here’s the to-do list:
  • Put up new wall with green board (and plywood for sink support)
  • Wire new light and add a light switch
  • Add a drop tile ceiling (to hide hole and pipe that’s lower than ceiling)
  • Patch all the walls
  • Paint all the walls
  • Reinstall sink
  • Install new sink faucet
  • Repair window
  • Install privacy film on window
  • Paint window trim and base molding
  • Install new medicine cabinet
  • Install glass shelf, window roman shade and other finishing details


  1. Judging from your previous work you'll get it done, and it'll be stunning.

  2. Wow it looks like a lot of work! Good luck! -J