Feb 20, 2012

The Finished Half Bath

The half bath is finished. And we love the way it came out. For such a tiny small awkward space, I think we added a lot of glamour to distract from the poor location. This space went from bad to worse during our time in this house, but I’m glad we waited to redo it since two plumbing issues required demolition of the half bath’s wall and ceiling. And now it no longer resembles an outhouse.

We actually had a really tight deadline to finish this bathroom - we were hosting a party for a very special little family member. The threat of too many guests for one upstairs bath was enough to light a serious fire under us. As awful as it is during a project (like building the patio), extreme deadlines might make us miserable but they certainly get the job done.

I love how the wallpaper brings the half bath, kitchen, and living room together. When you view all three wallpapered walls together from the living room, it makes the downstairs feel more cohesive.

A quick recap of all the work: We replaced the missing wall and patched the old crumbling plaster ones, added a new ceiling, added a light switch (no more gross pull chain!) and new vanity light, scraped and fixed the window, added new trim where it was missing, painted the walls and trim, wallpapered, reinstalled the sink, added a new medicine cabinet, added a new towel ring and paper holder, hung a roman shade over the window and put up a glass shelf. We kept the existing toilet because it is a nice Kholer and the tile floor because it was new when we bought the house. For such a small room it was still a ton of work!

We still need to put privacy film up on the window. We have a roll leftover from the upstairs bathroom, we know it’s in the basement somewhere... we just haven’t figured out where we put it yet. When we find it, we’ll put it up. At some point this year we also need to build a radiator cover for the pipe in here - it gets really hot. But for now, the room is in good shape. It’s so nice not to be embarrassed by this space!

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  1. OMG!! It looks AMAZING!! Great job!!