Feb 7, 2012

Half Bath Paint

The half bath is officially painted... bright golden yellow. Benjamin Moore’s Firefly #229 in an eggshell finish to be exact. It’s like liquid sunshine (or liquid faux cheese product if you’re not a fan). It's showing up a brighter in the pictures than it is in real life... but it's still pretty bright, just like the swatch below!

Why such a bright bold yellow? Because it’s actually the same exact shade as the wallpaper in the living room... which also going to be on the main wall in the half bath. It’s such a tiny, odd, weirdly located room, we decided that a little extra pizazz was in order. Something to help distract from the obvious, so if the door is open people might go “Oh pretty wallpaper in the bathroom” instead of “Ew toilet in the kitchen.”
To make such a bold print work on the walls of such a tiny space, we decided the best thing we could do was blend the wallpaper background color into the rest of the walls. I really like the color, it's a lot less orange than in the photos, and it makes the room feel very sunny and cheery. While it’s not part of my base pallet for the house, it is from one of the main accents. And I LOVE the wallpaper, so it’s nice to use the leftovers somewhere else.

We decided to conserve paint and not cover the new wall entirely with paint where the wallpaper would go - just in the areas where there could be some overlap or a seam for better blending.

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