Feb 8, 2012

Half Bath Wallpaper

My wonderful mother gets all the credit for putting up the wallpaper in the bathroom (just like the hall and living room). I barely qualify as an assistant. Between the two different wall depths and the window it was not an easy task, but it was so worth it. I LOVE IT. The wallpaper looks great it’s the interesting focal point I was hoping it would be.

When viewing the bathroom from the living room with all three wallpaper spots in view, it really pulls the the rooms together. I’m can finally visualize what the half bath is going to look like finished. I’m going to save the shot of this for when the bathroom is finished - right now the construction mess is too distracting for a decent picture.

We put the wallpaper up before the sink and fixtures because it’s so much easier to install it on a mostly bare wall (instead of trying to go around a sink, cabinet, etc.). When the time comes (in a few years) to say goodbye and try something new, we’ll just cut around everything with an exacto blade. The remaining paper can be like a time capsule awaiting the next renovation!


  1. That looks great! I was wondering how that bright yellow would look. I did something similar in my previous place. The wallpaper held up surprisingly well in my bathroom. I also used the background color of the wallpaper for the paint color. It was the suggestion of the paint store owner cuz I thought it should be one of the accent colors in the wallpaper. Happily, I took his advice and it looked calming and cohesive instead of chaotic in such a small space.

  2. I definitely wasn't sure of your bright paint choice before, but it looks GREAT with the wallpaper! Good job!!