Feb 1, 2012

A Little Valentines Day

Last year our house and lives were just way too chaotic to even think about decorating for the little holidays like Valentines Day. It was hard enough to keep the house clean and not have construction clutter everywhere. With the office filled with boxes and our basement an unorganized mess, I didn’t even know where most of my decorations even were... but this year is different. With only the tiny half bath under construction and only enough room for one person Mike to work on it, I actually had a chance to pull out some seasonal decor.

Two years ago I made this Valentines Day Heart Garland out of paper. It was really easy to do, but looks complicated and fancy (and pretty!). I made it while watching a movie on a snowy afternoon. All you need is some colored paper, scissors and tape. You can find directions and the pattern on The Paper Source.

I'm enjoying my decorations for the next couple of weeks, they certainly fight back any winter blues!

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