Feb 2, 2012

The Wall is Up

The wall is up, and behind that wall is a sheet of plywood to support the sink.

Before, the sink was only attached to the wall with caulk. CAULK. One good tug or too much leaning would have ripped it right off. So this time we’re making sure it’s done right, and with the advice from our plumber we added a sheet of plywood behind the wall board. This will give the sink something sturdy to attach to.

And to make sure that the wall board attached to the studs flush all the way up, we cut out small scrap pieces of plywood and drilled those into the studs where we put the drywall screws for the green board.

Mike put up the green board in two pieces, taped up the edges with seam tape, then followed with several (thin!) layers of joint compound (sanding in between each coat). The area around the sink drain pipe needs to be enclosed, but Mike has to attach some of the plumbing first. We officially have a room with all 4 walls again. Progress!

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