Feb 9, 2012

Pipe Face Lift

The water pipes for the sink have seen better days. Much better days. Over the years they’ve obviously received more than one coat of thick white house paint - leaving them looking very dingy with lots of chips and dents and scratches on an unevenly painted surface.

The water pipes before (the drain pipe is new for a comparison of white and dingy)
We tried some different methods and ideas before finally coming up with the best solution - we could use the same plastic white shower rod cover we used to cover the ugly hanging rods in the closets upstairs. The clean white plastic is cut to size and covers all sins. It comes in a long tube with a slit that we trimmed down with scissors.

It was easy, no-mess, fume-free and makes the pipes look like new. Definitely a win-win.

1 comment:

  1. What a great idea! I have several things in my house that could use those plastic covers.