Apr 6, 2012

New Fig Tree & Gardening Update

Our new fig tree arrived! After last year’s died (in transit because it never showed signs of life), we tried again this year using the replacement voucher from the company. This time we decided to plant it directly in the ground, now that we have a better idea of our backyard layout after the patio installation. If properly pruned, we can keep the fig tree from growing too tall. Our neighbors have one that they’ve managed to keep around 6 ft for years.

Following advice from my gardening expert and grandfather on how to plant bare root trees, Mike dug the hole for the tree ahead of time. We made sure to have the extra dirt on hand by putting it directly in the wheelbarrow and had a garden hose ready. Before unwrapping the tree we filled the hole with water to create a lot of mud and planted it quickly, filling in with dirt and soaking everything again with the hose several times. Bare root trees are happiest when planted in mud, so we made sure the fig tree had the best possible muddy start. Here’s hoping this tree thrives - if all goes well we should see figs in 2-3 years.

Georgia helps fill up the hole

In progress: filling up the hole

In the photos the tree looks like it’s very close to the fence, but it’s actually the same distance between the fence and the garage as the redbud tree 10 feet in front of it. It fits into our long-term future plans for the backyard which includes bigger, wider garden beds. (As well as arbors, pergolas, and a swing set for the kiddo.)

An update of my seedlings for the raised bed garden this summer. Everything has sprouted and happily growing - all of the tomatoes, all the cucumbers and the poblano peppers. Last week I had to pinch off the extra sprouts (with scissors, pulling them up could disturb the root system of the remaining plant) to allow the healthiest seedling to grow strong without competition for space and nutrients. They are all living under the grow light in our sunroom just like I did last year.

I can’t wait until May to plant everything in the ground. Of course planting this year will probably require a lot of help from Mike - by then bending will be even more difficult than it already is!

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