Jun 1, 2012

Two Years in Our Little Yellow House

Today is the second anniversary of the day we bought our house! I can’t believe how time has flown. How has it been 2 years already? I still remember what it felt like that day. The final walk-through before closing. The hours spent at the lawyer’s office. Finally getting the keys and thinking, HOLY COW WE DID IT. The celebratory drinks at the bar. Going back to the empty house, feeling so amazing and overwhelmed all at once that it was ours - all ours. Every inch of pink paint, pink carpet, hideous wallpaper and shiny wood floors was ours. It didn’t feel like home yet - but we had a vision, enthusiasm, and the desire to make it happen.

Honestly I can’t believe how far this house has come, how much it’s changed, and how much it feels like home now. Of course there’s so much we still want to do, but we can really see ourselves in each room. We can enjoy the backyard the way we’ve always wanted to. Most importantly of course, we’re really looking forward to bringing our son home to this house.

You can see a full tour of our house’s original condition here. Pardon our “after” and “progress” shots, I’ve been meaning to redo them now for several months, some are over a year old. I’m hoping I can tackle it as a summer project...

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  1. Found your blog while looking for another blog I know with a similar name. I love house transformations, so I'll be back to look at yours!