May 30, 2013

Patio Furniture Re-Refinished

I mentioned it last week, the next item complete on our backyard spring to-do list was staining the patio furniture. This time we used outdoor deck/fence stain in hopes that it will hold up longer. With the baby shower over the weekend, the clock was TICK-TICK-TICKING since we needed decent seating and a table that wasn't peeling.

Here's what the furniture looked like before Mike refinished it. It was peeling and looked awful:

And here's the much improved after:

While I love the look and feel of our beautiful wood patio set (a steal from Craig’s List), all those slats are a PAIN for sanding and staining. Luckily Mike is a slat master and knocked out the whole set in a matter of days. The furniture looks great. I do miss the richness of the old stain (with outdoor poly on top), but hopefully this will hold up better!


  1. I just love how it matches the deck perfectly. It looks amazing! Great job! GWS

  2. I actually like this stain better than the old one - I prefer it when everything matches perfectly! -Amy