Jun 25, 2013

Then & Now: Master Bedroom

(This week and last week we're celebrating our 3 year blog anniversary with a long overdue, fully updated house tour)

The master bedroom was not only pink, it was too small and awkwardly laid out. The double closets took up too much space and the built-in was made for a small full bed. Our furniture didn’t fit in the room. Here’s the empty before:

We hired professionals to remove the two closets, widen the existing doorway into a double-wide closet door, convert the extra hallway into a closet, and create a doorway where the old closets used to be (in the support wall). We painted the walls palladian blue, added electrical outlets to the room, added a ceiling fan, covered the disastrous wood floors with beige berber carpet, covered the radiator with a cover, added window treatments and did a little decorating (with a lot more to do!). Here’s the master bedroom currently:


  1. This room is so different! Good call moving the door/walls/closet! -AWS

  2. Love the color palette you guys chose, not too feminine OR masculine..very soothing. Looks lovely