Jun 24, 2013

Then & Now: Upstairs Hall & Main Bath

(This week and last week we're celebrating our 3 year blog anniversary with a long overdue, fully updated house tour)

Upstairs Hall
The upstairs hallway was unnecessarily long, dark, and pink. The only thing we liked was the texture of the pink wallpaper. We especially hated the pink carpet and the attic door was awkward and practically inaccessible. Here’s the before:

As part of the master bedroom renovation, we shortened the hallway to make a closet and moved the door to the master bedroom. We fixed the wallpaper that was torn down during the renovation process and painted everything edgecomb gray. The pink carpet was replaced with beige berber, we built a cover for the radiator, and the small attic door was moved and replaced with a pull-down door with stairs. The result is much lighter and brighter. We still have some repair work to do, but it's much better than it was. Here’s the current hallway:

Main Bath
The bathroom was the first room on our to-do list and needed a ton of work. The outdated sink and vanity were falling apart, and the glass on the original medicine cabinet was clouded. There were no outlets, cheap plastic towel racks, the light above the sink no longer worked. The bathtub enamel was stained and damaged, there was a strange dirty cubby filled with cobwebs next to the tub, the shower hardware needed updating, and the linen closet contained crumbling plaster and sticky melted shelf liners. The entire room was covered in peeling outdated wallpaper - including the shower stall - there was no tile at all in the bathroom. Here’s the before:

We replaced the vanity, sink and faucet; as well as the medicine cabinet. Outlets were added, the vanity light replaced and wired to a new switch. The towel hardware was replaced, the radiator covered. We tiled the entire shower stall with white subway tile all the way to the ceiling and tiled over the strange cubby next to the tub. The bath tub was re-enameled and we had a plumber replace the shower hardware. The plaster walls were repaired and painted guilford green, and we added crown molding around the room. We added privacy film to the window and a crisp white roman shade. The linen closet was repaired and repainted. Here’s the after:

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