Jun 21, 2013

Then & Now: Sunroom to Playroom

(For the next two weeks we're celebrating our 3 year blog anniversary with a long overdue, fully updated house tour)

This little pink bonus room had more frilly curtains and quickly became an easily overheated storage room filled with all of our moving boxes for months on end. Here’s the sunroom before:

When we finally emptied the room we painted the walls palladian blue, replaced the lacy curtains with thermal roman shades (which kept the room much cooler), and replaced the light fixture with a fun yellow chandelier. Here’s the sunroom after:

Then we had a baby and the baby needed a place to play that wasn’t our living room. So we swapped out the red cabinet for a set of toy storage shelves, cleared out most of the room and filled it with toys. Way too many toys. Here’s the playroom after:

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