Aug 26, 2013

My Last Stroll Down Citrus Lane

My final Citrus Lane box arrived. It's a good box, but I’ve decided to (at least temporarily) suspend my subscription. It’s been a lot of fun and I’m really glad to end this series on a nice note. I’ve discovered some amazing products over the past 7 months and overall I would definitely recommend this service!

There was a cute book called Octopus Opposites that Oliver really seems to like (he loves books!). The toy in the box is great, a 5” playground ball by Crocodile Creek. It’s the PERFECT size for Ollie’s little hands and it bounces really easily. He LOVES it. And it works indoors and out. There was a package of Ouchies Jr. Bandages in the Paddington Bear style that are super cute (and you can never have too many bandaids with a toddler!). For the family we got a container of Cleanwell all natural hand sanitizing wipes. There was also a small sample mighty shield bug repellent lotion by Episencial. Since they included 6 things this month, I’m okay that it’s a trial size instead of a full... though I'm still not a big fan of trial sizes, which is why I chose Citrus Lane over other services like Bluum. I like full size products better - but who doesn't?

They also had a coupon for a free outfit from if we joined, worth $40. It’s a subscription service for buying hip kids clothes every month. I thought this was a cool idea as long as I stayed on top of it and made sure to cancel before being charged for anything. However when I went to join and pick an outfit, EVERYTHING was sold out for boys in 2T. It was frustrating. I’m going to give them a little time to restock, the coupon is good until September 8th so I’m hoping they have a new set of outfits in early September (since it's a monthly subscription).

The final item in the box was a new concept, an activity to do with Oliver. In the note it said I was part of the "test run" to see if this was a good idea. Our activity was a set of paper ABC bowling pins Oliver could decorate, then we could set them up and "bowl" with the playground ball. This is a FABULOUS idea to include an activity each month and I hope it continues.

If you like what you see and want to join with a $10 off coupon of your very own, click here:

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