Oct 9, 2013

Apple Picking & The Fall NJ Wine Festival

It was a really busy, fall-festive weekend. Not only did we decorate for Halloween and go to the Far Hills Rummage Sale, we also went apple picking and enjoyed the NJ Fall Wine Festival. It was all so much fun! And three big things I can cross off my fall-fun to-do list.

Apple picking was great. There were so many delicious varieties and the orchards were beautiful. Oliver not only had fun helping pick apples, he also loved the many adorable farm animals they had. I think the shetland ponies were his favorite.

We totally went overboard and bought way too many apples. Like 20 lbs worth. But I put our share to good use and made the applesauce and apple tart I wanted to make. While drinking some pumpkin spice coffee of course.

The wine festival was also really fun. An unexpected warm front made the day feel like summer, but we still got to try a lot of local NJ wines. Definitely something I would want to do again, though next time I’ll avoid tasting anything with gimmicky names like peacho grigio. The best part was hanging out on our picnic blanket in our shady spot with wine and fancy picnic snacks.

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