Oct 7, 2013

Far Hills Sale

The Far Hills Rummage Sale was this past weekend, and anyone who’s read this blog for a while knows I’m a big fan of the semi-annual sale in Far Hills, NJ for the VNA. We went on a Friday and lined up in the early morning with all the other eager folks looking for a bargain. I am happy to say I scored big!

We started at the toy tent because I wanted to pick up some outdoor toys for next summer. The one thing I was hoping to get was a water table for Oliver - it was the first thing I saw and grabbed! I also picked up a toddler slide (welcome to the plastic jungle that will now be my backyard), two toddler sized playground balls, a package of floor mat puzzle pieces (to add onto his existing playroom mat), a couple of little people cars, a wooden peg and hammer set, and my best find - a wooden Melissa and Doug Click Clack alligator push toy in perfect condition. Oliver is almost too old for it, but for the price it was totally worth it - I’ve wanted to get him one of these for forever. My sister sweetly bought Oliver a toy car and a bowling set (both of which are big hits). We also picked up a sled - one that we could either pull with a rope in the backyard or ride with Ollie down a hill… I’m so excited that I’m almost not dreading winter.

I also picked up a large basket for a project I’m working on, a hose winder because we’ve needed one for years, and a couple new books. I also found a wooden step stool for Oliver that flips into a little seat. I was going to buy a cheap plastic one at Ikea for our bathroom, but this one is real wood and half the price!

Lastly, I picked Oliver up some clothes. By the time we got to kid’s clothing his size was a bit picked over, but I did manage to find him a few things. Then we walked by the shoes and I struck it big - they had huge piles of brand new Western Chief boots that someone had donated. I managed to find him brand new snow boots and brand new wellies for $6 each! They are super cute too. I also got him a pair of brand new dollar frog slippers as well with rubber bottoms - perfect for keeping his feet warm around the house this winter. It felt really good to find so many awesome bargains.

The sale is much more intense than it used to be. In years past furniture, toys, designer clothing and sports equipment were the big tents with long lines. The sale is now so popular that every tent seems to have ridiculous lines to get inside, even the ones that used to be calm. I also noticed there were a lot of re-sellers there came in with vans and trucks with the intent on turning a profit (I knew they were re-sellers based on references to how much money they could make for X object in their Etsy shop). That sort of gave me a bad taste in my mouth, but then again at least they are supporting a good cause? It’s still a fun outing, even if it’s more intense than it used to be.

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