Nov 5, 2013

A Few Things

So... it's going to be a quiet week around here. After several quiet weeks, I know. It's not just the slow progress on the attic, we're a sick house this week. I've had a bad cough for more than two weeks. I kept convincing myself it was just a cold, I was FINE, and ignored everyone's coaxing to go to the doctor. I finally caved it turns out I have a pretty bad case of bronchitis. And thanks to my stubbornness I also infected Mike. Sick people can't work on attics, sick people have to rest and try to hold down the fort. (The kiddo is fine, by some miracle he was cleared by his pediatrician.)

So... A few things:

1) Figs! These are the two figs left on our baby fig tree after it was nipped by frost. Not much of a harvest, but it really takes 3 years before we can really hope for fruit.

2) Violets? In November? I am very confused why these early spring flowers are showing up now. Anyone have any ideas?

3) Our Fall Fun To-Do List is almost done, except for a pumpkin pie, which feels more November appropriate than October. It makes me feel a little bit better about our slow Work To-Do list. Isn't fun more  important in the grand scheme of things?

4) We love our pergola. A lot. It's our favorite place to be outside, even on a chilly fall day. The globe lights make it so pretty at night too, something I appreciate all the more now that it's dark before 5pm around here.

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