Nov 11, 2013

Attic Prep Work: Wires

My apologies for the radio silence last week friends! Being sick set us back a bit and suddenly the whole week got away from me.

So here’s where we left off in the attic, pre-illness: all of the insulation was gone (stuffed in bags in the driveway) and all that was left was a mess of electrical wires.

Before putting down the new insulation, Mike needed to tack down and tame all of those wires. It was a slow process because 1) moving around up there is slow while balancing on the joists, 2) hammering down the electrical staples was very noisy and woke the baby, 3) everything always takes a lot longer than you think it will.

The spacers will sit between the joists and the floor boards, with gaps between them to accommodate the wires running across the joists. You can see here how the spacers are necessary - we can't put plywood down directly on top of all that wiring!

(Sorry that the wood spacers are blocking most of this photo - the attic is not very camera-friendly!)

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