Dec 2, 2013

Making Ornaments

I like making ornaments, they just feel so much more personal. Unpacking ornaments for the tree is like unpacking boxes of memories. I love it. Two years ago I made our first-house ornament and last year I made different baby’s first Christmas ornaments (1 | 2 | 3). This year I had less of a plan, I just wanted to commemorate our 2013 Christmas.

I started with toddler-safe inexpensive cardboard ornament shapes from the craft store and painted them.

For the star, I was going to cover the outer edge with this cute plaid washi tape, but then I loved the way it looked so much I started adding more. And more. Then the only thing left to do was cover the whole thing. And honestly I love the way it came out. A teal-purple plaid star? Yes please!

For the other ornament, I decided to commemorate our annual Christmas card that has a picture of Oliver and Georgia on it. Since these cards haven’t gone out yet I’m being coy with the imagery, but the background color is aqua and covered with snow flakes. So I cut out slices of the card to the shape of the ornament side (by tracing it and using scissors), then glued them down on 3 sides. On the 3 remaining sides I hand drew snowflakes with a sparkling silver pen.

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