Dec 11, 2013

Woodland Critter Stocking Stuffers

Oliver has a collection of woodland animal figurines that we keep on shallow shelves next to his closet in his woodland themed nursery. He loves to play with them and carry them around. I’m always finding little animals in the strangest places and I love it. This is his current woodland collection on display:

There’s a black bear, baby black bear, moose, elk, deer, fawn, wolf, fox and raccoon.

The other day I was out doing some holiday shopping and saw a freshly-stocked figurine display case, conveniently filled with all sorts of woodland creatures Oliver didn’t have yet. A grizzly bear with a fish in its mouth! A beaver! An owl! A squirrel! A rabbit! A coyote! How could I resist? I also grabbed a reindeer because it was holiday-themed (and technically they live in arctic woods!).

Did he need them? No. Are these probably more for me that for him? Possibly. Will they make a fun stocking stuffer? Definitely.

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