Feb 28, 2014

Things that Made Me Happy this Month: February

Last month I embarked on a personal project to take pictures of the little things that make me happy with my phone. See January's here. These are the things that made me happy in February.

We had some seriously beautiful sunsets and sunrises this month

I'm embracing the beauty of snow and ice , even if I'm sick of it.

My new favorite secret ingredient | Tiny lemons and limes are budding

Sunlit decor | Fingerpaintings are totally abstract art

Good Typography | Finally a chance to reread two of my favorite books

Homemade paper decorations are my fave

I'm sad to say goodbye to the old favorites, but I also love the new (why do their feet grow so fast?)

Finally some forever stamps that I don't hate | Savoring the last of the good winter citrus

100 reminders of why I'm not a "bad" mother, just "French" | Table for 2

In the war against dry winter skin, these are my most beloved secret weapons (organic coconut oil & squalane)

And most importantly, the days are getting longer


  1. Loved this random post! You're blessed that you're able to see sunrises and sunsets from your house. Houses get in the way here. Also, love those Jane Austen books, plus the Bronte sisters & Dickens. Do you watch Downton Abbey?

    1. YES! I love Downton Abbey, though I haven't seen season four yet. I was so sad at the end of Season 3. I also love the Bronte sisters and Dickens - I just don't have them in the gorgeous Coralie Pickford Smith covers. :)