Apr 15, 2014

Pergola Trellis Plan

Back in the Fall, we ran out of time to build a trellis for the pergola and the clematis vine. Having the winter gave us extra time to think about our plans. We decided that we wanted it to serve two purposes - not only to give the clematis a structure to grow up, but also to add a little bit of privacy using lattice and making it a little wider.

The new plan was to make it about 4 feet wide, and of course the height of the pergola top. This will add the additional privacy and make it feel more like an outdoor room. I think it also just balances better, using two 2ft lattice pieces.

The 3 vertical frame pieces will be long on the bottom so we can bury them in the garden bed for extra stability. The top will be attached to the main beam of the pergola with the nail gun.

I am planning on staining the whole thing the same dark brown as the pergola. I know it’s a lot of dark brown wood at this point, but long term it will look really good with the vines growing up and over. In future summers when the vines are established, hopefully there will be lots of green and pretty flowers too.

Here’s what it will *hopefully* look like when it’s up:

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