Apr 30, 2014

Things That Made Me Happy This Month: April

In January I embarked on a personal project to take pictures of the little things that make me happy. Before this I forgot to document the little things in our life, the details that are lovely to look back on. So for the year I'm taking pictures of the little things and sharing them here. 

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These are the things that made me happy in April (which should probably be titled "look at all the pretty flowers, spring makes me happy"):

The harbingers of Easter

Big limes are growing | A toddler-created tableau 

Gifted tulips 

Easter Tree Blooming

What to do if your toddler "picks" you flowers | New lanterns

Second amaryllis blooming the brightest red

Easter treats (the highly addictive soda was for me)

Spring! Spring! Spring! Spring! Spring!... SPRING!!! 

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