Jun 24, 2014

Refinished Side Table #1

While I was working on the rocking chair, I figured since I had all the stuff out anyways, it was worth refinishing all of the other small pieces that’s been waiting in the refinishing queue. Namely the 3 small side tables and the step stool I bought from the Far Hills Rummage Sales through the years. It was an all-out refinishing extravaganza. All of the side tables had some damage to their finishes and the step stool was unfinished.

Here’s the first table, the one with the marble top I recently rescued from Oliver’s room and moved back into the living room. The legs were chipped and peeling in several spots. I've always loved this table for the beautiful marble top.

After a light sanding and a couple of coats of polystain with Bombay Mahogany that we already had in the basement, the table looks better than ever. I had to do a couple of coats on the legs to camouflage the color difference where the chips were, but now it looks great again.

I'm really happy with how the table turned out - the legs are back to the way they always should have been. It's going to look so nice in our living room.

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