Jun 25, 2014

Refinished Side Table #2

The second table from my whirlwind weekend of small furniture refinishing was the first table I ever bought from FHRS, a table purchase that predates the blog. I recently had to repair the loose top with some gorilla glue. The finish overall wasn’t bad, but the top had sustained some damage over time (damage from before I bought it and then damage from us as well).

After some sanding and a couple coats of polystain, the table looks great. It's not perfect, but it's a million times better.

What I really like about the polystain is that you don’t have to strip the piece, just a light sanding, so it’s really fast. And it provides a really good level of protection from future abuse. Oliver’s nursery dresser and rocking chair use the polystain and both pieces have taken a serious beating without a single scratch or nick.

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