Nov 3, 2014

Taking a Few Sick Days

Two weeks ago when I fell and injured my ankle, it was a setback but I was recovering. Then I fell again, on the same (weak and recovering) ankle, in our unfinished street construction covered with leaves (in the dark, walking the dog).

This time I'm benched. The good news was that it's not fractured, but it's a bad sprain. I have an air cast and crutches, I'm on strict orders to stay off it completely. Lots of rest, recuperation, orthopedic appointments and physical therapy.

So I'm benched for a little while. Mike has to take over all the parenting and household responsibilities. Blog content is going to be slim for a while while I recover. I'll be checking in, just not as regularly as usual. There's so much we want to do, but like the jack-o-lanterns on Halloween - sometimes even with the best intentions you can't do it all.

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