Nov 6, 2014

Ornaments in Progress

Hello there, just checking in from the land of sprained ankles. The orthopedist told me I'd be in a cast for 4 weeks. FOUR WEEKS. I'm doing my exercises and building up strength to get around better in my walking cast, but progress is painful and slower than I hoped. It's been frustrating. I've been injured now for a full week and I'm still using crutches.

So what's a girl to do? Binge watch Netflix, start some early online Christmas shopping, and get a jump start on this year's homemade ornaments.

Last year I made paper ornaments that were toddler safe. The year before we did 3 versions of baby's first Christmas (1, 2, 3), and before that we commemorated our first house. This year I'm making ornaments out of felt. Now that we have a little kid's tree for Oliver to enjoy, we have more room for more ornaments, so I'm having fun and keeping myself entertained. 

I started with some stars, sewn together with embroidery thread. I stuffed them with felt scraps.

Using the same pattern from Oliver's bird mobiles, I made a  felt bird ornament and decorated it with embroidery thread. I like it so much I kind of wish I did all of the nursery birds this way!

So far it's a cute, folksy collection -

Next up... a red bird...!

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