Nov 30, 2014

Things That Made Me Happy In November

In January I embarked on a personal project to take pictures of the little things that make me happy. The past few years I forgot to document the little things in our life, the details that are lovely to look back on. So for the year I'm taking pictures of the good little things and sharing them here. 

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November was an unusual month. We spent half of it sick, I wasn't very mobile, I didn't take a lot of pictures of things. We just didn't do much and weren't very interesting. It was more Netflix and survival mode than creative and productive. So these are the [few] things that [I remembered to appreciated and] made me happy in November.

Inherited tiny turkey candle holders | New snowflake lights arrived for outside

Fabulous turkey artwork from Oliver at daycare

Georgia who was my constant companion when I was laid up

Crazy sales long before Black Friday  (and getting most of our shopping done early!)

(Don't those toddler shoes look enormous?!)

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