Jan 13, 2015

Upstairs Hall Ceiling

In the pictures I shared yesterday (from our House Tour), the hallway doesn’t look that bad when you look at the bottom half. However if you look up, you can really see all that we still needed to do. The worst offender was the ceiling. An unfinished patch job from where Mike stepped through the floor (which is no longer an issue now that the attic floor is boarded up), a few other cracks that came from the attic project, yellowed wallpaper paste. It looked terrible in person and we managed to live with it for so long by not looking up.

The other big offender is the top of the walls where the wallpaper had an unfinished jagged edge and some imperfect seams. These will be hidden by the crown molding when we put that up.

Mike sanded, did more patching, and sanded again. The ceiling isn’t perfect, but it’s as good as we can get it without replacing the plaster with drywall (not on the agenda) and it looked a million times better. SO much smoother.

Once it was painted with Edgecomb Gray paint, the ceiling looked great. We decided to go with the light gray instead of white ceiling paint because we want the bright white crown molding to stand out. All of the bedrooms upstairs have tinted blue ceilings for that reason (even though the nursery is the only bedroom with molding right now, but doing the others is still on our to-do list!).

I’m so excited to finally be making progress in this space!

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