Jan 12, 2015

Upstairs Hall

Last week when we came back from the New Year, I wrote about how finishing the upstairs hall was one of our top priorities this winter. It’s been stuck in a half-finished state for years. One of the challenges of the hallway project is that our prime project time is when Oliver is sleeping, and he doesn’t nap well if we’re moving around right outside his door. So if we can only work when he’s awake, we have to split up - one works on the hall and the other distracts Oliver, so the whole thing will take twice as long since we can’t work together.

Here’s the full rundown of everything we need to do:

  • Buy more Edgecomb Gray paint by Benjamin Moore
  • Patch the cracks in the ceiling and smooth everything out
  • Patch the walls in a few places
  • Patch the bathroom door where cracks appeared over the years (it’s an original door)
  • Paint the ceiling Edgecomb Gray (so that the trim will pop)
  • Paint the walls Edgecomb Gray (to cover patching and dings)
  • Buy and install crown molding around the top of the hallway
  • Paint the new molding and the bathroom door, give the trim a fresh coat of paint too
  • Replace hallway light with the new one
  • Replace the light switch
  • Replace window rolling shade with blinds, replace curtain rod
  • Rehang artwork and picture ledge

Eventually we also want to add lighting in the stairwell and touch up paint around the edges in the stairwell that the new lighting will reveal… but we need to borrow a stairwell ladder for that, so we’ll worry about that later.

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