Apr 10, 2015

A Few Things From the Week

Wow, it's Friday already! It's another one of these crazy weeks, though I'm hoping things are going to calm down really soon. As long as we can all stay healthy (warmer weather means less germs going around right?) we can power through.

Let's start off with Easter weekend! That was a lot of fun for us, we spent a lot of time cooking and eating and spending time with family.  Oliver's grandparents got him the sweetest stuff for his Easter basket, including a full suite of North American animal figurines. They are so cool - he now has a group of wild pigs, a family of foxes, a herd of deer and a wolf pack. He also has a suite of mini animal figures that are teeny tiny and super cute.

Things are finally warming up a bit outside, we're trying to stay on top of the yard. Mike put down the crab grass preventer and fertilizer on the lawn, perfectly timed on a warm spring evening right before 4 days of forecasted rain so it was well watered in. The plants I ordered in February finally arrived, asparagus and a butterfly weed bush. The asparagus went in the back bed by the deck and the butterfly weed went into the mailbox garden, as per this yard plan. Neither is much to look at right now though...

Things are coming alive outside. Spring bulbs I planted in the yard last year from a gift basket are coming back up (though I don't know yet what survived). The crocus continues to bloom. My forsythia and quince have fat buds. The autumn sedums are coming in too.

Mike's also been working on lighting and outlets in the basement. What started as one light and one outlet has turned into multiple outlets and 4 lights. It's going to be nice and bright down there by the time he's done. Now we just need to get our lawn mower serviced, finish our taxes this weekend, finish the preschool applications and schedule an over-sized trash pickup for the last of the junk in the garage. And I'd like to plant some pansies in the porch rail planters if there's time... though enough time seems like a long shot these days!

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