Apr 16, 2015

Master Bedroom Project: Matching Nightstands

I’ve been looking for nightstands for our master bedroom for years, but could never find anything that fit my criteria. They had to be wood, with a drawer and a shelf, fit in our small bedroom, match our furniture (be white, a dark wood stain or paintable/stainable), and be under $50 each. It seemed like an impossible task to find something that wouldn’t cost a ton of money… so we’ve just lived with what we have (Mike has his childhood nightstand and I use a TV tray with a basket underneath).

Then IKEA came out with their new Tarva line. Paintable/stainable pine furniture at a great low price, and their new nightstands had a drawer and shelf, and were only $40 each! It was the main thing I wanted to go get when I went with a friend to IKEA a few weeks ago (when I got the rolling plant stands and chairs).

I was really excited about getting the Tarva nightstands… until 2 nights before the scheduled IKEA trip. That night our neighbors down the street had a huge pile of furniture on the curb for trash pickup. While we were walking the dog I got a closer look and noticed that they had 2 white nightstands on the street. They had a few minor dings that needed repainting and maybe a touch of wood filler, but overall they were in good shape. They also have a drawer and an extra-tall shelf.

Since I was going to have to finish the Trovast nightstands anyway, free definitely won out. The nightstands have been sitting in our basement ever since, waiting for the weather to warm up so I could patch and repaint. The nightstands also need some new hardware, and since they were free I think I can definitely spring for something from Anthropologie. Sorry about the bad basement lighting in the photos...

They’ll look even better with patching and fresh paint and new hardware. I just need some warm dry weather to make it happen.

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