Apr 14, 2015

New Chairs

I mentioned yesterday, we emptied the garage of most of the patio furniture. I always like having plenty of places to sit and relax, especially when we have family/friends/neighbors over. My love of comfortable seating options has lead to a couple of new chairs outside. I've always LOVED folding canvas sling chairs - they are just so beachy and summery and very comfortable. A few weeks ago when I was at IKEA they had these MYSINGSO chairs at a "get ready for summer" special... I clearly couldn't resist. They fold up nicely for easy storage in the garage and the canvas is easily removed to be washed. They are my new favorite chair because they are so comfortable.

Oliver also now has his own Adirondack chairs in light blue to go with our turquoise ones. They were on sale at the Christmas Tree Shop (weirdly enough I was there buying garden gnomes for work) and at $6 each I had to grab a couple. As Oliver gets older and braver and wilder, his other plastic chairs are starting to make my nervous. They are taller and much less sturdy, and as he starts to do crazy things all I can see is him toppling off one onto the driveway or patio pavers. These little chairs are very squat and the thick plastic is very sturdy, so it makes me feel much better!

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