Apr 13, 2015

Spring is Here!

It was a busy weekend. Finishing our taxes, preschool application paperwork, lots of errands, lovely dinners with our families. We spent a lot of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather, finally tackling the yard cleanup and pulling most of our outdoor furniture out of the garage. While emptying the garage we found the dianthus I potted last summer and just threw in therein the Fall... and it was still alive! I was totally shocked, it was in the freezing cold, without water and light for months.

I got pansies planted out front in the porch rail boxes, in color-shade order of course because I'm crazy like that. It's just so nice to have some color outside. Things are going to start blooming soon, but this definitely tides me over in the meantime.

In the back raised bed garden, the spinach didn't come up. Again. I planted it in ice-dirt, but nothing sprouted, the conditions weren't right. So instead I reused the space to do my first round of lettuce and then I also put some peas on the other side of the same bed. I need to get some twine for the trellis, but the post is in the ground.

As for the rest of the backyard, we still need to do some serious weeding and mulching, but we have lots of beautiful plants that are going to come up any minute now. I do have some flower seeds I need to sow soon, but we're making progress!

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