Jun 2, 2015

Beaches and Flowers

I have a confession, we took the weekend off from housework, chores and real life and spent all of Saturday here:

It was incredibly refreshing and relaxing, just what we needed. Our jobs have been stressful lately, the weekend was really hot at home and the "grand reopening" of our local pool that's been under construction all fall/winter/spring has been delayed until July. [Insert the sad wailing of all the neighborhood children here.]

The one thing I did do is pick peonies, bringing the beautiful flowers indoors helped distract from the ridiculous mess that ensued from skipping our weekly cleaning and going to the beach instead. I love peony season in our backyard and all 6 of my pink peony plants (medium pink and light pink) are blooming. Peonies are one of my favorite flowers. I filled 3 vases (only 2 are shown, but the big vase on the left is a fish bowl and held a ton) and there are still plenty left to decorate the yard.

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