Jun 3, 2015

In the Kitchen

Growing up we had two cross-stitch artworks in our kitchen, made by my mother when I was little. One was a picture of beets and one was a picture of a tomato. I LOVED these things growing up, they always made the kitchen feel like home to me. I even went through a phase in elementary school where I spent a long time debating which one would become MINE in my "grownup" house someday (because of course my mom said I had to share with my sister). Sometimes I would lean towards the tomatoes because it had pink in it (my favorite color at the time) and sometimes I would lean towards the beets because they were all purple (my second favorite color). Then we grew up and while my sister might want one someday, right now she lives in Manhattan with limited wall space so I get to have both of them for safe keeping.

I know they don't really go with any of our things or our style (country cross stitch kind of clashes with the glam bird plates on the other wall), but I love them. Not only to they feel like home to me, but they also help keep the memory of mother with me when I cook.

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